'The Fault in Our Stars'

Stars are people, too.



Summary: Girl meets boy. Girl and boy have cancer.

Girl thinks she's going to die first, but the boy dies first.

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Review: This is probably a good book for teenagers to read to get them to think about death. It made my younger co-worker cry and re-think life. As for me, there were a few laughs but this book didn't do anything for me.


★★★ Interesting but not spectacular


'The fault in our Stars' is a bit pretentious. The characters scrabble for meaning and do not obtain victory in their quest. Maybe this is enough for the author and most readers, but to me this shows there is something missing in their lives. One of the places almost all the characters frequent is a church support group for dying people, but it is quite striking that the characters do not believe in heaven, God, or anything (except maybe each other). I find this quite sad. This is one library book I'm glad to return!